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Estate Agents In Stafford

Abode Anderson-Dixon are leading estate agents in Stafford, offering a wide range of property for sale and rent, as well as providing a first class letting and property sales service.

So, why should you be looking to buy a property for sale in Stafford?

The county town of Stafford is a charming small town with a buzzing town centre full of quirky independent retailers. The town is home to the Staffordshire Regiment who live and work closely with the community. As well as having good schools and sports facilities the town is well placed for access to Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool via the M6.

Contact our Estate Agents in Stafford by calling us on 01889 597495

Further to this, in addition to Stafford offering a great lifestyle, it is also extremely close to Stoke, Wolverhampton and Birmingham, making it a fantastic place to live for families, business people and, well, pretty much everyone!

If you would like to buy a property for sale in Stafford, or would like to sell your property and receive a free house valuation, please contact Abode Anderson-Dixon on 01889 597495 and discover why we are one of the leading estate agents in Stafford and throughout the Midlands, thanks to our branches in Burton, Uttoxeter and Ashbourne.

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Facts and stats about
living in Stafford.

Population Figures


0-14 years


15-29 years


30-44 years


45-59 years


60-74 years


75+ years

TOTAL = 130,895

Male = 65,554

Female = 65,315

Closest City & Travel Time

The closest City is...

Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent by Train - 15 minutes
Stoke on Trent by Car - 27 minutes
Stoke on Trent by Cycling - 1 hour 30 minutes

Average Property Prices


Average Price for a house in Stafford

Average Price for a



Average Price for a



Average Price for an



Average Income

£27,112 per annum

3 Facts About The Area

There are more miles of canals in Staffordshire than in any other county in England
A centre for the delivery of grain tribute during the Early Middle Ages
Stafford Castle was built by the Normans on the nearby hilltop to the west in about 1090. It was first made of wood, and later rebuilt of stone

Number of Restaurants

Source - Wikipedia, Zoopla, City Population, Adzuna, Google Maps.